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Watch on Demand: Session 7 of the NHS APA Virtual Conference 2022

About the session

Session 7 of the NHS APA Conference 2022, titled 'The impact of stigma and trauma on people who use drugs', is hosted by George Charlton, a trainer and consultant.

The session discusses George's lived experience with addiction and his work supporting the development of Naloxone training and supply programs with peers.

Trigger warning: This session contains profanities and addresses topics that some attendees may find distressing including mentions of self-harm, abuse and sexual assault.

Session agenda

'The Impact of Stigma and Trauma on People Who Use Drugs'

  1. What are your thoughts about 'Alcoholics' and 'Addicts'?

  2. The voices of the people who are being stigmatised.

  3. George's experience.

  4. So why should we involve peers & PWUD?

  5. Developing Peer Led Everything…

  6. Peer stories.

  7. Naloxone.

  8. What’s your personal or organisational pledge regarding stigma?

Watch the Session



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