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Watch on Demand: Session 6 of the NHS APA Virtual Conference 2022

About the session

Session 6 of the NHS APA Conference 2022 is hosted by Colleen Lally and Natalie Needham from Recovery Wellness Collective CIC.

In this session, Colleen and Natalie discuss 'Stitch Away The Stigma', a creative campaign for those affected by a loved one's addiction. The campaign's aim is to increase awareness of the effects of a loved one's substance use or gambling on those closest to them.

The campaign also aims to diminish the stigma that is often closely connected to substance use and gambling.

Session agenda

'Stitch Away the Stigma'

  1. The Stitch Away the Stigma Project

  2. Natalie's Story

  3. Examples of Stitch Away the Stigma Squares

  4. Stitch Away the Stigma Wall Hanging

  5. Stitch Away the Stigma Exhibition

  6. Thank You

Watch the session



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