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Watch on Demand: Session 8 of the NHS APA Virtual Conference 2022

About the session

During the closing session of #APAconf22, Danny Hames, NHS APA Chair and Karen Biggs, CEO of Phoenix Futures, announced the launch of the independent Anti Stigma Network, which will bring organisations and individuals together to share a commitment to ending stigma.

Karen then introduced our keynote speaker, Sue Baker OBE, Director of Changing Minds Globally. Sue has worked to destigmatise mental health for over 25 years, including setting up the 'Time For Change' campaign in England in 2007.

Sue's presentation, titled 'Challenging Mental Health Stigma Across Cultures', discusses her current and previous work in the sector, alongside the evidence-based research and methodologies used to support her global work.

Karen then chaired a panel Q&A with Sue Baker OBE; Owen Baily, Lived Experience Consultant; George Charlton, Trainer and Consultant and Danny Hames, NHS APA Chair.

Session Agenda

  • Opening announcements by Karen Biggs, CEO of Phoenix Futures.

  • Announcement of the Anti-Stigma Alliance

  • Keynote speech presented by Sue Baker, Director of Changing Minds Globally.

  • Live panel Q&A presented by Sue Baker, Owen Baily, George Charlton & Danny Hames.

  • Closing statements by Danny Hames & Karen Biggs.

Watch the Session



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