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Watch on Demand: Session 2 of the NHS APA Virtual Conference 2022

About the session

In this session, we heard from the Hep C U Later team on how they are tackling stigma. Deanne Burch, Lead for Hep C U Later shares some information on the project, including how they are working towards their goal of micro-eliminating hepatitis C within the drug services in the NHS APA. We then heard from Tony Mullaney, Training & Development Lead, who shared his personal experiences of stigma as someone with lived experience of both addiction and Hep C. Tony also shared his recommendations on how to tackle stigma in services and society. Finally, Louise Hansford, South & London co-ordinator, spoke about stigma and visibility, stressing the importance of making it okay to have Hep C and encouraging people to get tested and treated.

The Hep C U Later team along with Laura Hughes, co-ordinator for Midlands & North, then joined Danny Hames, NHS APA Chair, for a Q&A session.

Session Agenda

'How We Are Tackling Stigma'

  1. What is Hep C U Later?

  2. Stigma & Education

  3. Stigma & Visibility

  4. Q&A Session

Watch the session



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