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Watch On Demand: Session 3 of the 2020 NHS APA Virtual Conference

About the session

Welcome to the NHS Addictions Provider Alliance 2020 Virtual Conference. In this session we are joined by Kirstie Douse from Release, Ben Parker as well as Professor Colin Drummond with members of the NHS APA Inpatient Network.

Session Agenda

  1. Drug policy in the UK in the time of the Black Review - Presented by Kirstie Douse

  2. A service user voice - Presented by Ben Parker

  3. Staying Alive: Reviving The NHS Inpatient Detox Provision - Presented by Professor Colin Drummond and the NHS APA Inpatient Network Members

Speaker 1: Kirstie Douse

Speaker 2: Ben Parker

Speaker 3: Professor Colin Drummond and the NHS Inpatient Network



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