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Watch on Demand: Session 8 of the NHS APA Virtual Conference 2023

About the session

Kate Hall, the Vice-Chair of the NHS APA introduced the closing session of the #APAconf23 and our keynote speaker, Claire Murdoch CBE.

Claire Murdoch CBE is the National Mental Health Director for NHS England. She also worked for the NHS for over 37 years as a registered nurse.

Claire's presentation showed us the long term plan for mental health in the NHS and the key achievements to date. She also talked us through the commitment that NHS England are taking to support people living with addiction and to combat stigma.

Kate then chaired a panel Q&A with Claire Murdoch CBE; Dr Matt Gaskell, Consultant Psychologist and the Clinical Lead of the NHS Northern Gambling Service; James Grimes, Head of Education and The Big Step at Gambling With Lives; and Paul Evans, Operational & Development Lead for the West Midlands Gambling Harms Clinic.

Session Agenda

  • Opening announcements by Kate Hall, Vice-Chair of NHS APA.

  • Keynote speech presented by Claire Murdoch CBE.

  • Live panel Q&A presented by Kate Hall, Claire Murdoch CBE, Dr Matt Gaskell, James Grimes and Paul Evans.

  • Closing statements by Danny Hames & Kate Hall.

Watch the Session



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