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Watch on Demand: Session 7 of the NHS APA Virtual Conference 2023

About the session

Session 7 of the NHS APA Conference 2023, titled 'Gambling Related Stigma is Not an Accident', is hosted by Dr Matt Gaskell, Consultant Psychologist and the Clinical Lead of the NHS Northern Gambling Service and James Grimes, Head of Education and The Big Step at Gambling With Lives.

The session discusses James' lived experience with a gambling addiction and the impact of stigma that the modern gambling industry creates. They both discuss the 'responsible gambling' narrative that creates stigma for people living with a gambling addiction.

Session agenda

'Gambling Related Stigma is Not an Accident'

  1. Introductions

  2. The Modern Gambling Industry

  3. The Impact of Gambling-Related Stigma and Prejudice

  4. The 'Responsible Gambling' Narrative

  5. Does RG work?

  6. Solutions

  7. Stigma-free Prevention and Treatment

  8. Thank You and Conclusion

Watch the Session



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