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Watch On Demand: Session 1 of the 2020 NHS APA Virtual Conference

About the session

Welcome to the NHS Addictions Provider Alliance 2020 Virtual Conference. In this session Danny Hames, NHS APA Chair, will open the conference and we will also be joined by our key note speaker Dr Ed Day followed by Matthew Gaskell who will be speaking about the Northern Gambling Service.

Session Agenda

  1. Welcome to the NHS APA Conference - Presented by Danny Hames

  2. Recovery Orientated Systems of Care…Has their time finally come? - Presented by Dr Ed Day

  3. What does a good gambling addiction service look like? - Presented by Matthew Gaskell

Speaker 1: Danny Hames, Chair of NHS APA. Speaker 2: Dr Ed Day Speaker 3: Matthew Gaskell

(Skip to 2 minutes in to the video for the opening address)



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