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Five ways to keep your #NewHappyHour on track

No matter what your reasons are for reducing or abstaining from alcohol, and finding your #NewHappyHour, Dry January offers lots of benefits including better sleep, increased energy, and decreased anxiety.

Like many New Year resolutions, staying motivated can be tough and the third national lockdown will be adding another level of pressure, despite the best of intentions.

Here are our tips on keeping your #NewHappyHour on track throughout January, and even beyond, no matter what challenges are thrown your way.


1. Remember your why

What was the reason you decided to do Dry January and embrace a #NewHappyHour?

Perhaps you want to be healthier physically or more energized mentally and emotionally. Maybe you wanted to save money.

Whatever the reason, remembering your ‘why’ will help when things feel tough and you feel you want a drink. You could even write it down. Get inspiration from these tips by the Dry January Facebook group.

2. Watch your language

It’s important not to think of sobriety as a punishment. Saying ‘I can’t drink’ or ‘I have to do Dry January’ makes it sounds like it’s a penalty so try saying ‘I don’t drink in January’, ‘I am enjoying my #NewHappyHour’ or ‘I’m doing Dry January’ instead.

It will set a positive mindset and reinforce that it’s your choice and you are in control.

3. Be kind to yourself

If you do have a drink, try not to give yourself grief. Blips are normal, so instead of feeling shame and regret take the opportunity to review what triggered you to drinking, consider ways to work around them, then recommit to your original resolution.

4. Keep busy

You will have more cash, energy and time to do things now, so it’s a great time to reconnect with your other hobbies, interests, and passions.

Why not plan ahead for post-lockdown days and make a list of places to visit? In the meantime, you could learn a new skill, redecorate your home, read a book, or try a new exercise workout.

You could even take the money you’re saving and reward yourself with an indulgent treat. This is your #NewHappyHour after all!

5. Download the free app Try Dry

The Dry January app sends optional daily coaching emails and lets you track your units, calories and money saved not drinking, plus set personalised goals and earn badges year-round. You can sign up for the emails at

If you're really struggling, you can find more support here.


Want to show your support for our campaign? You can find downloadable resources here.



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