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NHS APA Conference 2022: Download the session slides!

Thank you to everyone who attended and took part in the NHS APA Virtual Conference 2022, 'Tackling Stigma in Action: Visibility, Education & Language'.

You can now download the slides for each session of our 2022 programme by clicking on the links below.

We invite you to join in the conversation about this year's conference using the hashtag #APAconf22. You can also follow us on Twitter @NHS_APA.


Session 1: Keynote speech by Roy Lilley

This session is available as an on-demand video only. You can watch Roy's keynote speech as well as the panel Q&A via the link below.

Session 2: How we are tackling stigma.

Louise Hansford, Tony Mullaney, Deanne Burch at Hep C U Later

Session 2 Slides - Hep C U Later
Download PDF • 2.70MB

Session 3: Let's celebrate recovery! Citizens working together to support social cohesion

Charlotte Colman, Associate Professor Drug Policy and Criminology, Ghent University and National Drug Coordinator/President of the General Drugs Cell.

Session 3 Slides - Charlotte Colman
Download PDF • 1.65MB

Session 4: Gambling: the hidden addiction

Clare Wyllie of Tackling Gambling Stigma.

NHS APA Conference_Tackling Gambling Stigma v2.pptx
Download PDF • 3.38MB

Session 5: The reporting of substance: a media toolkit

Rob Stebbings: Adfam

Session 5 Slides - Rob Stebbings
Download PDF • 5.79MB

Session 6: Stitch away the stigma

Colleen Lally & Natalie Needham of Recovery Wellness Collective CIC

Session 6 Slides - Stitch Away The Stigma
Download PDF • 9.42MB

Session 7: The Impact of Stigma and Trauma on People Who Use Drugs

George Charlton

Session 7 Slides - George Charlton
Download PDF • 14.76MB

Session 8: Keynote speech by Sue Baker

Director, Changing Minds Globally

Session 8 Slides - Sue Baker
Download PDF • 2.61MB



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