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find a new happy hour

about the campaign

The NHS APA #newhappyhour campaign has been shared nationally, providing tips and advice for people managing their alcohol intake during the pandemic.

Read our tips below on how you can look after yourself and our NHS during the pandemic or download resources you can share on social media to encourage others to find a #newhappyhour too. 

Find a New Happy Hour

our tips

The current Coronavirus pandemic has, understandably, left many people feeling worried or anxious.


In times of stress, many people turn to alcohol to help them feel at ease. If you are drinking because you feel anxious, having a drink may help you feel more at ease but increased drinking will lead to a higher tolerance meaning you need to drink more each time, leading to a greater reliance on alcohol to relax. Look after yourself and our NHS by finding a new meaning in ‘Happy Hour’ and find some new ways to relax at home, looking after both your physical and mental health.

Take a look at our tips below on how you can look after yourself during the outbreak, and use the hashtag #newhappyhour to let everyone know how you’re taking care of yourself during this time.

keep up with activities

As well as anxiety or stress, some people choose to drink out of boredom as they find themselves with events or regular evening activities cancelled. Try to keep up with your regular activities as much as you can; many classes and social groups have moved their sessions online. 

time on your hands?

You may find yourself with extra time in the day if you are no longer commuting to and from work. Instead of filling this time with an early evening drink, fill that commuting time with something you enjoy but don’t usually have time for like reading a book, calling a friend or exercising.

keep your hands busy

Find something that keeps your hands busy such as a colouring book, writing a diary to remember this time or catching up on unfinished projects in the home.

make smart choices

If you choose to have an alcoholic drink, try switching to something with a lower % ABV. There are many low and no alcohol versions of popular favourites available in the supermarket and ‘mocktail’ recipes online.

keep track

It can be harder to keep an eye on how much you are drinking when you are drinking at home. Know your units and make a note on paper of how much you are drinking or download the ‘Try Dry’ App. 

If you drink wine or spirits at home, make sure you measure out your drinks, like they would in a bar or pub. You can do this using regular kitchen equipment.

get involved

Take a look at our latest blogs to see how you or your organisation can get involved in our#NewHappyHour campaign.

Happy hour - get involved
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