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NHS APA's #NewHappyHour campaign supports sensible alcohol consumption during the pandemic


The NHS APA #NewHappyHour campaign has been shared nationally, providing tips and advice for people managing their alcohol intake during the pandemic. In this recent press release by The Midlands Partnership Foundation NHS Trust, Danny Hames , NHS APA Chair, explains why the campaign was commissioned and why it has been such a success.


Recognising that the Coronavirus pandemic is a stressful time for many, a national organisation of substance misuse providers has launched a campaign to help people find ways to manage their anxiety without increasing their consumption of alcohol.

Danny Hames, Head of Inclusion at Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust says: “The current outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) has, understandably, left many of us feeling worried or anxious. In times of stress, many people turn to alcohol to help them relax. If you are drinking because you feel anxious, having a drink may help you feel more at ease but increased drinking will lead to a higher tolerance meaning you need to drink more each time, leading to a greater reliance on alcohol”. As well as leading Inclusion, a national community-based, alcohol and drug treatment support and behaviour change service, provided by Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Danny is also Chair of the NHS Addictions Provider Alliance, which is behind the new campaign.

Find a New Happy Hour encourages us to find some new ways to relax at home, looking after both your physical and mental health and managing our alcohol consumption. The social media campaign offers hints and tips such as keeping up with usual activities and keeping your hands busy. It has also provided additional resources specifically addressing the re-opening of pubs and bars. Danny adds “We can all help ourselves and support the NHS by thinking about what we are drinking and taking steps to ensure we keep within safe limits”. Find out more about the campaign here.



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