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Watch on Demand: Session 9 of the NHS APA Virtual Conference 2021

About the session

In this session we are joined by representatives of the English Substance Use Commissioners Group (ESUCG): Niamh Cullen - Vice-Chair and Yorkshire & Humber representative and Kim Hager - Executive member and South-West representative. Lisa Byrne - Executive Member and South East Representative - also contributed to the session but was unfortunately unable to join on the day.

As commissioners in their respective regions, Kim Hager and Niamh Cullen address how we may begin to tackle stigma in policy, service needs and in the commissioning of services.

Session Agenda

'Commissioning to Address Stigma'.

  1. The English Substance Use Commissioning Group

  2. Stigma and drug use

  3. What we mean by 'commissioning'

  4. Needs Assessment - the cornerstone of commissioning

  5. Pathways - Development & Risk of use

  6. 'Dual' diagnoses

  7. Case study

  8. Priorities for change

  9. Critical factors

  10. Commissioning in place in Calderdale

  11. How have we changed how we work?

  12. Aims

  13. Concerns

  14. Challenging stigma begins at home

Watch the session



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