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Watch on Demand: Session 8 of the NHS APA Virtual Conference 2021

About the session

In this session, we are joined by April Wareham and Gemma Cooke from Working with Everyone, a lived experience organisation that aims to bring the lived experience voice to policy and practice in health and social care.

As part of a recent study commissioned by the NHS APA, April and the team have been consulting with people with addiction about their experience of stigma and have produced an extensive report to illustrate their findings. In this session, April and Gemma will present some of the range of insights gathered over recent months. The report is available to download via the conference exhibition hall.

Session Agenda

'Stigma and lived experience'.

  1. Outline of the project.

  2. Breaking stigma down.

  3. What does this mean? - quotes from people with experience of stigma and addiction.

  4. Moving forward, what can we do?

Watch the session



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