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Watch on Demand: Session 7 of the NHS APA Virtual Conference 2021

About the session

In this session, we are joined by speakers from the Citywide Drugs Crisis Campaign, a national network of community activists and community organisations that are involved in responding to Ireland's drugs crisis.

Gary Broderick and Paula Kearny from SAOL, an integrated programme of education, rehabilitation, advocacy and childcare based in the north inner city, Dublin are presenting on how they developed a trauma-informed anti-stigma training programme for drug services. Over the last 25 years, SAOL has aimed to promote the needs of women who use substances and their children and highlight the many extra difficulties that face these women including the stigma attached to being a woman/mother who uses drugs. The team developed a service user informed training system and manual about addressing stigma across the delivery of services.

This programme was also supported by Professor Catherine Comiskey, who supported the evaluation and co-design of the CityWide pilot anti-stigma training programme.

At the end of the session there is also a live Q & A.

Session Agenda

'Lessons from the Dublin City Wide Stigma Campaign'

  1. Stigma: Learning from service users, led by Gary Broderick and Paula Kearney

  2. About us

  3. The Co-Design Process

  4. Approach

  5. Contents of the training

  6. Learnings

  7. An Evaluation of the Co-Design of the CityWide Pilot Anti-Stigma Training Programme, led by Prof Catherine Comiskey

  8. Background

  9. Methodology

  10. Findings

  11. Recommendations

Watch the session


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