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Watch on Demand: Session 6 of the NHS APA Virtual Conference 2021

About the session

In this session, we are joined by Dr Colm Gallagher - Clinical Lead/Clinical Psychologist and Dr Caroline Hoult - Clinical Psychologist for the Greater Manchester NHS Trust Mental Health Homeless Team.

The presentation addresses the issue of stigma and homelessness, covering topics such as Mental Health, Trauma, Addiction, Physical Health, Brain Injury, Cognitive Deficits, Autism and Rejection.

Session Agenda

'Homelessness and Stigma'.

  1. The homeless population

  2. Societal narratives, family narratives and individual narratives - and how these create stigma

  3. Alternative narratives

  4. Psychologically Informed Environments

  5. Case example

  6. Resources

Watch the session



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