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Watch on Demand: Session 5 of the NHS APA Virtual Conference 2021

About the session

In this session, we are joined by Gord Garner, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at the Community Addictions Peer Support Association (CAPSA) Canada.

The presentation, titled; Stigma Ends With Me aims to provide insight towards Substance Use Health as a continuum of increased wellness with a person-focused outcome, including community supports and services. It emphasizes a two-pronged approach using substance use stigma reduction and community engagement to develop access to informed Substance Use Health care, free from stigma and discrimination. CAPSA invites the community to reduce all forms of stigma which impact individuals with substance use disorder. The presentation expands on building networks of support to end stigma and clarifies common stigmatizing misconceptions in the community regarding recurrence, concurrent disorders, and harm reduction. CAPSA’s vision towards increased wellness and equity is conveyed as encompassing physical health, mental health, and Substance Use Health. CAPSA’s process of community engagement is informed by Anne Bishop’s model of Becoming an Ally and invites all stakeholders to collaborate in breaking the cycle of oppression by promoting positive, genuine interactions as well as the use of non-stigmatizing language.

Session Agenda

'Stigma Ends with Me'

  1. CAPSA Milestones

  2. CAPSA's two-pronged approach

  3. CAPSA social media impact and network

  4. Substance use health - moving forward into wellness

  5. Substance use spectrum

  6. Impact of stigma

  7. Stigma and recurrence, concurrent disorders and harm reduction

  8. Importance of being an ally- the Anne Bishop model

  9. How to reduce stigma

  10. Live Q&A

Watch the session



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