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Watch on Demand: Session 4 of the NHS APA Virtual Conference 2022

About the session

This session was hosted by Clare Wyllie, Researcher at Tackling Gambling Stigma.

Clare spoke to delegates about the Tackling Gambling Stigma project and how it can help those experiencing gambling addiction, as well as sharing why stigma is unfortunately so prevalent against these people. Stigma stops people feeling able to reach out for help, and as a result can be extremely dangerous, as the case stories featured in Clare's presentation made clear.

Session Agenda

'Gambling: The Hidden Addiction'

  1. The Tackling Gambling Stigma Project.

  2. Why was Tackling Gambling Stigma created?

  3. The extent of harm is hidden.

  4. Next steps.

  5. Thank you & conclusion.

  6. Q&A session.

Watch the session



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