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Watch on Demand: Session 2 of the NHS APA Virtual Conference 2021

About the session

In this session Danny Hames, NHS APA Chair interviews Sohan Sahota, Managing Director & Co-founder of BAC-IN CIC a grassroots, peer drug and alcohol recovery support service that supports people from black, south Asian and minoritised communities.

Sohan recounts his lived experience of addiction, stigma and cultural shame. He directly addresses the issues regarding the under-representation of people from BAME communities in services, commissioning and policy making and explains how urgent action is needed to address this.

Session Agenda

'The Alcohol Race Alliance - Q&A with Danny Hames'

  1. About BAC-IN 2 Life Recovery

  2. Access & engagement issues

  3. BAME under-representation in commissioned mainstream services

  4. Publications

  5. Shades of Recovery - book launch

Watch the session



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