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Watch on Demand: CLERO - College of Lived Experience Recovery Organisations

About the session

Welcome to the NHS Addictions Provider Alliance Virtual Conference 2021. In this on demand video, we are joined by the following representatives for CLERO (College of Lived Experience Recovery Organisations): Dr Ed Day - National Recovery Champion, Dave Higham from The Well Communities, Tim Sampey from Build on Belief, Michaela Jones of Scottish Recovery Consortium, Stuart Green from Aspire Recovery, and Tim Leighton of Forward Trust speaking about CLERO and its objectives.

Session Agenda

'The Recovery Connectors':

  1. What is CLERO?

  2. What is a LERO?

  3. What are CLERO supporters/friends?

  4. What are CLERO members?

  5. What are CLERO Connectors?

Watch the session



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