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NHS APA response to the announcement of the National Institute for Health Protection

The health and social care secretary, Matt Hancock MP has announced plans today for the establishment of the National Institute for Health Protection (NIHP), which is being created following the disbanding of Public Health England (PHE).

The new public health agency will protect the public against external threats to the UK, pandemics and infectious diseases. 

In response to the announcement by Matt Hancock, NHS APA Chair, Danny Hames, stated:

“First and foremost, prompted by the formal announcement regarding the ending of Public Health England and creation of the National Institute for Health Protection, is an acknowledgement of the commitment and dedication of colleagues from PHE who have worked alongside NHS APA." 

"In whatever form this takes, we would advocate for the maintenance of this specialist expertise in service of addictions. A commitment to science and scale through the NIHP is to be welcomed but we look forward to gaining further clarity on the other functions PHE provides particularly in respect of addressing inequality which has undermined positive outcomes for those affected by Covid-19 and continues to negatively affect those who experience problems with addiction.”



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