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Launched today: The Anti-Stigma Network

We are delighted to be a founding member of The Anti-Stigma Network, which was launched today (10th May 2023). The network has been created to improve understanding of the stigma and discrimination experienced by people harmed by drug and alcohol use.

We aim to help amplify the huge variety of anti-stigma work across the UK, enabling us all to maximise our shared effort to take action to end stigma.

In time, we will also produce and encourage the creation of original work in collaboration with members of the network. We recognise that many organisations and individuals are doing amazing, impactful and creative work to address stigma. We aim to build on this work by bringing individual people, families, communities, educational institutions, charities, businesses and policymakers together to share, learn and create. Lived experience and fundamental human rights drive us, we use evidence-based approaches and we aim to make real-world change. We have no political allegiance, or prevailing agenda, other than an ambition for people affected by drug and alcohol use to be treated fairly, justly and with dignity. Anyone can join the Anti-Stigma Network and there is no charge. We just ask that you commit to:

  • Calling out stigma and discrimination when you experience it and observe it;

  • Working with other members to share how best to understand stigma and fight discrimination.

To find out more and to join us visit -



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