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Blueprint service specification & position papers for Tier 4 inpatient detoxification provision

The NHS APA has produced a position paper and blueprint specification to advise Local Authority Commissioners regarding the commissioning of Tier 4 inpatient detoxification provision.


The move follows the Government’s announcement of an extra £80 million investment into drug and alcohol treatment services alongside Public Health England (PHE) informing Local Authorities and NHS Providers across England of their intent to make £80 million of new investment available to support drug and alcohol treatment across England.

In further consultations with PHE, it has also been revealed that £15 million of the overall £80 million has been earmarked for the area of medically managed (Tier 4) inpatient detoxification provision.

The IPU Commissioning Position Paper articulates how local authorities can secure the provision that they need locally and regionally. The blueprint specification details an evidenced-based and clinically compliant model for how Local Authorities can design Tier 4 treatment systems alongside community services.



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