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Watch on Demand: Hep C U Later at the NHS APA Virtual Conference 2021

About the session

Welcome to the NHS Addictions Provider Alliance Virtual Conference 2021. In this on-demand video, we are joined by Hep C U Later Elimination Coordinator for the NHS Addiction Provider Alliance, Louise Hansford. NHS APA's Hep C U Later programme is a bold and ambitious effort to eliminate Hepatitis C within its members' community services by 2023. This initiative was formulated with Gilead Sciences in response to NHS England’s innovative procurement of initiatives that aim to eliminate Hepatitis C by 2025.

The on-demand conference video includes a mix of clips from service users, healthcare professionals and slides from Louise which address the stigma surrounding Hep C, along with Louise's insights on how we can, and must, combat this.

Visit the Hep C U later section of our website to find out more about this initiative.

Session Agenda

'Hepatitis C and Stigma'

  1. Thoughts from a healthcare professional

  2. Hepatitis C and Stigma

  3. Forms of Stigma

  4. How do we tackle this?

  5. Important considerations

  6. Thoughts from across the NHS APA

Watch the session



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