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NHS APA Conference 2021: Download the session slides!

We hope that you enjoyed the NHS APA Virtual Conference 2021. We certainly enjoyed hearing our excellent speakers discuss the important topic of the impact of stigma on people with addiction. The session slides are now able to view and download in PDF format within this blog, just click on the box below each session title.

Don't forget to share your personal conference highlights on social media, and tag us @NHS_APA #APAconf21


Session 1: Part 2 of the independent review of drugs: prevention, treatment and recovery.

Keynote speech by Prof. Dame Carol Black:

Dame Carol Black - Session Slides
Download PDF • 2.62MB

Session 2: Alcohol Race Alliance.

Sohan Sahota, Managing Director & Co-Founder of BAC-IN CIC:

Sohan Sahota - Session Slides
Download PDF • 638KB

Session 3: Experiences of stigma within the treatment system.

Mel Getty, Paul Lennon and Jo Neale representing the Addiction Service User Research Group:

SURG - Session Slides.pptx
Download PDF • 281KB

Session 4: The impact of stigma on people with addiction.

The NHS Inpatient Network represented by Cathy Lovatt, Dr Annie McCloud, Mark Holmes, Dr Derrett Watts & Stuart Green:

IPN - Session Slides.pptx
Download PDF • 2.37MB

Session 5: Stigma ends with me.

Gord Garner, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at CAPSA Canada:

CAPSA - Session Slides (1)
Download PDF • 2.41MB

Session 6: Homelessness and stigma.

Dr Colm Gallagher and Dr Caroline Hoult, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust:

GMMH - Session Slides.pptx
Download PDF • 600KB

Session 7: Lessons from the Dublin CityWide Stigma Campaign.

Gary Broderick, Paula Kearney, Prof. Catherine Comiskey & Anna Quigley representing the SAOL Project and the Dublin CityWide Drugs Crisis Campaign:

Dublin CityWide Campaign - Session Slides
Download PDF • 1.36MB

Session 8: Stigma and lived experience.

April Wareham and Gemma Cooke representing Working With Everyone

April Wareham - Session Slides (1)
Download PDF • 683KB

Session 9: Commissioning to address stigma.

Kim Hager, Lisa Byrne and Niamh Cullen from the English Substance Use Commissioning Group.

ESUCG - Session Slides.pptx
Download PDF • 1.58MB

Session 10: Stigma and Recovery in Treatment Systems.

National Recovery Champion Dr Ed Day

Ed Day - Session Slides (1)
Download PDF • 2.68MB



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