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Exhibit a paper, research or campaign materials at the NHS APA 2021 Conference

This year our APA 2021 conference will include a digital exhibition for showcasing a campaign, paper or body of research. This is an excellent opportunity to disseminate your research with an audience of 500-800 delegates working within the drug and alcohol treatment sector - you will also be able to provide a short summary of your research and contact details for any follow-up enquiries which are generated from the conference.

The cost for exhibiting is a one off payment of £50, with this fee the NHS APA can continue to support free events and conferences such as this for years to come. Organisations that are members of the NHS APA can exhibit papers for free. 

On submission of your application it will be reviewed by the NHS APA membership board. The NHS APA is a not for profit organisation and operates a fair policy with regard to exhibiting and sponsorship. Organisations or individuals wishing to exhibit at the conference will be reviewed and assessed in terms of the NHS APA’s ethical guidelines and standards prior to approval to exhibit. Should your campaign materials, paper or research not be approved by the NHS APA you will receive a full refund into the card which you originally paid within 30 days. 


Please note, the deadline to apply to be an exhibitor for the 2021 conference is now: 13th September 2021.

If you have any questions please contact our conference support team:

Here is an example of how exhibitors will be displayed:

Author Name

Author Name

Author Name


Paper Title


Campaign title


Research Title

#Recovery #AddictionSpecialist 

#Recovery #AddictionSpecialist 

#Recovery #AddictionSpecialist 

Want to exhibit?

In order to exhibit you will need to provide:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Telephone number

  • Job title

  • Paper, campaign or research title

  • Key words (list of up to 10 relevant key words or search terms which your paper or research covers)

  • Short description (up to 30 words)

  • Long description (up to 200 words)

  • Authors (names, job titles, organisations)

  • Date of publication (if applicable)

  • Contact for enquiries (Name, email, phone number)

  • Upload/Attach file (Your content must be in one single file, and must be in PDF, PNG or JPEG format) 

  • Thumbnail image for exhibition landing page (can be a picture of the authors or an image for the campaign and must be in PNG or JPEG formats)

Conference Disclaimer

For the avoidance of doubt, the NHS Addictions Provider Alliance (NHS APA) Conference on the 13th of October 2021, shall be referred to throughout this disclaimer as a “Virtual Conference Event”. By joining any of the Virtual Conference Event sessions or accessing and of the Virtual Conference Event web pages, you consent to all of the following terms and conditions. Some of the Virtual Conference Event sessions may include sensitive material. Presenters may express a wide variety of opinions and views which do not necessarily represent the opinions and views of the Company or the Company or the Client and/or you as an individual.

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